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Kyrios is a curious, slightly psychedelic blackletter family. Though it may seem like a modern idea, it is an interpretation of lettering from a grave monument carved in the late 1800s, located in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. This family is a study in contrasts – not just of thick/thin strokes, but of history and aesthetics. It pairs geometric simplicity with Art Nouveau curves and a blackletter lowercase with a Lombardic uppercase. (Also included is an alternate blackletter uppercase, which can be deployed for a more consistent appearance). Kyrios comes in a range of optical sizes, from a narrow, striking Display to a surprisingly readable Text with proportions and letterforms that are more familiar to modern readers. Despite these juxtapositions – or because of them – Kyrios delivers a harmonious aesthetic palette and offers more utility than most display typefaces. --- ### Stylistic Range Optical Size: 12pt–48pt(+)\ Weight: 400\ Upright ### Basic Info For Posters, Packaging, & More\ Fonts: 1 Variable / 3 Static\ Version 0.2 (Prerelease) ### Language Support Extended Latin character set, supporting 200+ languages across Europe, the Americas. More to come.

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