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AT Lang Variable

Thin ExtraLight Light Regular Medium SemiBold Bold ExtraBold Black Thin Italic ExtraLight Italic Light Italic Italic Medium Italic SemiBold Italic Bold Italic ExtraBold Italic Black Italic

AT Lang

Thin Thin Italic ExtraLight ExtraLight Italic Light Light Italic Regular Italic Medium Medium Italic SemiBold SemiBold Italic Bold Bold Italic ExtraBold ExtraBold Italic Black Black Italic
A quirky yet classic semi-slab type family derived from 19th-Century gravestones in the Green-Wood Cemetery of Brooklyn, NY. The core inspiration is a brownstone monument for the Grinnell family, which appears to have been carved in various stages between 1852–1918, as many monuments in Green-Wood are shared by families over time. Lang is an exploration of how to keep the charming personality of the original lettering while expanding it into a fully-featured typeface. Lang includes a classic set of slab-serif uppercase letters with a lowercase that has a simplified, optimistic yet sturdy, semi-slab construction. The family includes a weight range that transitions from a hefty Black down to a delicate Thin. These weights are then accompanied by a semi-script Italic, which picks up on themes present in other 19th-century monuments in the cemetery. The Italics also feature optional swash caps that can lend another layer of ornamentation to designs. Lang is a prerelease family. You can buy it now for a discount, and you will get future improvements for free, for life. --- ### Stylistic Range Weights | 100–900\ Roman & Italic ### Basic Info For Packaging, Editorial, Branding, & More\ Fonts: 2 Variable / 16 Static\ Version 0.4 (Prerelease) ### Language Support Extended Latin character set, supporting 300+ languages across Europe, the Americas and Vietnam