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AT Name Mono

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AT Name Mono Variable

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Name Mono is a monospace sibling of Name Sans, which is an interpretation of the tile mosaic name tablets of the NYC Subway. The architects and craftworkers who designed & laid these tiles used a letter construction that was part geometric and part grotesque, with typographic optical corrections often either exaggerated or totally missing. Name Mono interprets these ideas into a monospace family, which is not only charming and fun, but also highly focused on utility in code, data, writing, and more. While the Italics of Name Sans aim to be elegant and simple, the Italics of Name Mono are a more free and expressive take on the concept. They yield more visual contrast and, in turn, allow better ergonomics in code.

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--- ### Stylistic Range Weight: 400–900\ Upright–Italic ### Basic Info For Code, Data, Writing, & More\ Fonts: 2 Variable / 12 Static\ Version 0.3 (Prerelease) ### Language Support Extended Latin character set, supporting 300+ languages across Europe, the Americas, and Vietnam