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AT Lang Gothic

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AT Lang Gothic Variable

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Lang Gothic is a multipurpose sans-serif typeface made in the gothic genre – historical American sans-serifs that have personality but don’t draw too much attention to themselves. It is made as a companion to AT Lang, which is a type family derived from a surprisingly friendly, semi-slab style of lettering in 19th-century grave carving found within the Green-Wood Cemetery of Brooklyn, New York. Lang Gothic is something of a “Text” adaptation of Lang, excluding serifs, reducing thick-thin contrast, and simplifying letterforms to create a workhorse sans that is at once warm & direct. As such, Lang Gothic excels at medium to small sizes but has enough presence and sturdiness to hold its own when used at larger sizes. --- ### Stylistic Range Weight: 300–800\ Upright–Italic ### Basic Info For Branding, Editorial, & More\ Fonts: 2 Variable / 12 Static\ v0.4 (Prerelease) ### Language Support Extended Latin, supporting 260+ languages across Europe, the Americas, and Vietnam