ArrowType Commercial License

Please read this License – if you use our Fonts, you agree to the terms below. If you have any questions, please reach out to – thank you!


This is a contract between you, the person or organization obtaining permission to use our Fonts (“you”), and Arrow Type LLC (“ArrowType,” a limited liability company based in New York). It’s called the End User License Agreement or “License” for short. This License sets out the rules for using ArrowType’s Fonts, as well as any related software and materials that come with them (collectively, the “Fonts”).

Please note that if a license to the Fonts is being purchased by one party (such as a design agency) on behalf of another party (such as a client), then the client must also agree to this License in order to use the Fonts, and all information related to the type of license needed, such as Company Size, is based on the client. Likewise, if you are the one purchasing the license then you are a party to this License, and must abide by its rules, even if the Fonts are used on your behalf by another party (such as a design agency).


This License governs all use of the Fonts. If you use the Fonts, you agree to the terms of this License. Upon receipt of full payment for all license fees, ArrowType grants you a personal, worldwide, royalty free, nonassignable, non-sublicensable, revocable, and nonexclusive license to use the Fonts as permitted by this License. This license also extends to each of your employees, contractors and agents to whom you give permission to use the Fonts on your behalf, as long as the total number of individuals falls within the Company Size used to purchase your license (as discussed in “Company Size” below). ArrowType retains ownership of the Fonts. Any rights not expressly stated in this License are reserved.


This License is ArrowType’s standard commercial license, which is based on the size of your company or organization as explained in the next section. It outlines the ways you can and cannot use the Fonts, and which uses require special licensing. If this licensing model feels unsuited for you or your use case, please contact, and we will do our best to find a custom solution that works for you. If you purchase a custom license, you will receive a special license which will govern your use of the Fonts instead of this License.


The Fonts are licensed to you based on the size of your company or organization: this number is calculated by adding the total number of employees (full or part time) within your company, plus the number of any independent contractors or other individuals (such as design agency personnel) to whom you will provide access to the Fonts (“Company Size”). The number of employees included in this count should be all of your employees, and not just the employees directly using the Fonts. We charge based on Company Size with the philosophy that larger companies will derive more value from the Fonts. As an added benefit to you, charging by Company Size removes the need for measuring or metering based on usage, web traffic, views, etc.

So long as you have purchased adequate licensing to cover your Company Size, you may use the Fonts for any and all of the Permitted Uses listed below without limit to the number of viewers or end-users. If your Company Size at any time grows beyond your purchased coverage, you must contact us to upgrade your license, but you will only owe the difference between the license fee for your new Company Size and what you have already paid. If your Company Size grows beyond your purchased coverage and you do not upgrade your license, however, we reserve the right to terminate this license agreement and your right to use the Fonts. If you wish to purchase licensing that does not require upgrading as your company grows, please contact us for a custom license agreement.

If it is difficult to estimate your Company Size, just try your best at the time of purchase, and if it is later determined that you underestimated, you can pay the difference with no penalty.

The Company Size covered by your license will be stated in your purchase invoice, along with any special license terms, if applicable.


The Fonts may be used only as follows:

  • Desktop Installation. You can install and use the Fonts on any number of workstations belonging to you. Permitted desktop uses of the Fonts include, but are not limited to, the design of printed materials, PDFs, static images, motion graphics, logos, wayfinding signage, Ebooks, and print advertising. You may outline a licensed font and modify those outlines for a company logo, book title artwork, poster, or other such artwork, but you cannot convert these designs back into a font or make a new or modified font based on the design of the licensed Fonts.
  • Web-based Collaboration. You may upload the Fonts to web-based design and collaboration software, so long as you have purchased licensing sufficient to cover anyone who is able to access and use the Fonts through such software and web applications.
  • Web Embedding. You may embed the Fonts on websites with CSS @font-face. You must use the webfonts provided in your Fonts package (“woff2” files are included – if you need alternate webfont formats, please contact ArrowType). The webfonts may only be installed on website domains that are under your direct control. The Fonts may not be embedded on websites or tools that allow the use of the Fonts in the generation of dynamic artwork or documents that can be viewed remotely by other users through the website or exported for use outside the context of the website. You may subset the webfonts.
  • App/Game Embedding. You may embed the Fonts in mobile or computer applications (“Apps”), including games. The Fonts may not be embedded in Apps or tools that allow the use of the Fonts in the generation of dynamic artwork or documents that can be viewed remotely by other users through the App or exported for use outside the context of the App.


You must purchase special licensing if you wish to use the Fonts in any of the following ways. To purchase special licensing, please contact ArrowType at

  • Broadcast. A separate license is required for use of the Fonts in video content broadcast such as free TV, cable TV, cinema, streaming services such as Netflix, web video platforms such as YouTube, etc. However, separate licensing is not required for any use which is otherwise permitted by this License and which involves an incidental appearance in the video content of an otherwise permitted use (such as printed text on a physical product which appears only briefly or in the background of video content). If only your logo uses the Fonts and your logo appears in a broadcast, you do not need a separate license. Additionally, if your Company Size is 5 or less at the time of the broadcast, you do not need separate licensing for broadcast use.
  • Device Embedding. A custom Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license is required if you wish to embed the Fonts into the operating system of a hardware device.
  • Third-party Use. A separate license is required if you wish to use the Fonts in any application in which an unlicensed third party could use them to customize their own designs or to create static documents or images (e.g. an online design application, an iron-on lettering product, a print-on-demand service, etc).
  • NFTs or Other Cryptocurrency Products. A custom license is required if you wish to publish the Fonts or images of them within cryptocurrency products, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or other digital products meant to function primarily as currency or tradable securities. However, you may use the Fonts for the design or marketing of these products, without a custom license, so long as you have sufficient licensing to cover your usage.
  • Political Campaigns and Religious Organizations. You cannot use the Fonts in the messaging of political candidates, parties, movements, measures, or religious organizations, etc, without first gaining explicit written permission from ArrowType.


The following uses of Fonts are expressly prohibited:

  • Hate Speech. You cannot use the Fonts to promote violence or discrimination.
  • AI Training. You cannot use the design or internal data of the Fonts for the training of artificial intelligence (AI) models or tools.
  • Redistribution. Except as provided in this License, you cannot transfer, give access to, or distribute any part of any of the Fonts to any third-party without ArrowType’s prior written consent, and cannot redistribute Fonts with other software packages or other means that make the raw fonts accessible to third parties not covered by your license.
  • Other Restrictions. You cannot attempt to reverse engineer, alter, or modify any part of any Fonts. You cannot attempt in any way to emulate, mimic, or otherwise create a substitute for any Fonts. You cannot use the Fonts in any way not expressly permitted in this License. However, you may open the Fonts in font editor software or inspect the Font’s internal data for informational and educational purposes only.


The following modifications of the Fonts are permitted, subject to the stated conditions:

  • You may subset webfonts.
  • You may outline the Fonts in a design program and alter those outlines to use in logos or static design elements. For example, you may outline text, then round the corners of letters, and use these new outlines for a company logo. You cannot convert or copy these outlines back into working font software.
  • You may generate custom instances from Fonts which are offered as variable fonts – that is, create a static font at a specific location within the variable font’s stylistic range, in order to optimize filesize, customize usability within desktop tools, or embed in documents. You may modify the internal data of such custom instances as required for usability, such as suffixing family names, creating custom style names, adjusting PostScript names to avoid font conflicts, and identifying italic and bold styles.
  • You may “freeze” included font features (such as Stylistic Sets) into place to adjust the default behavior of the Fonts.


You are allowed to modify the Fonts for personal and business use only under the following conditions:

  • Your modifications fall under permitted modifications, as described above.
  • You cannot distribute, reproduce, sell, transfer, license, or give away your modified fonts without the written consent of ArrowType.
  • You cannot convert the Fonts to another format.
  • You cannot make or authorize or commission a third party to make customized versions of the Fonts for use by you or your clients without the written consent of ArrowType.
  • You cannot add glyphs to the Fonts or modify the design of glyphs within the Fonts.
  • You cannot modify the naming data of the Fonts, except as required for the usability of custom instances of variable fonts. You cannot modify Font family names, except for adding suffixes. For example, you may modify “AT Kyrios” to “AT Kyrios Your Name,” but you cannot modify “AT Kyrios” to “Your Name Kyrios” or “Your Name Blackletter.”
  • The use of Fonts with allowed modifications is still governed under this License.

If you would like help with font customization, require additional characters to be added, or have any questions about modifications, please contact ArrowType at We want our Fonts to be useful for you, and we want to make sure that fonts with customizations have the same high level of quality as our standard fonts. We will do our best to meet your needs within a reasonable price and timeline.


Copies of the Fonts may be made for backup or archival purposes only, so long as these copies are not accessible to non-licensed parties. You may not put the Fonts onto public repositories or public servers. These copies are subject to the same terms and conditions as the original Fonts.


You may provide the Fonts to your vendors, such as a graphic designer or printer that is working on your behalf, only if they agree to use the Fonts exclusively for your work and retain no copies of the Fonts on completion of the work. If you provide the Fonts to vendors or contractors, any employees or contractors of these vendors or contractors who have access to the Fonts will count towards your Company Size while working on your behalf.


If you publicly use the Fonts, you agree that ArrowType may use your company’s name, logo, and other trademarks, and images and videos of your use of the Fonts, for ArrowType’s marketing and portfolio only. ArrowType may post about your usage to social media, the web, in books, lectures, case studies, portfolios, and may allow third-parties to do the same.



ArrowType makes no warranties, express or implied, and disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. If the Fonts are not working as you expect them to, please email The Fonts are sold as is, but we will do our best to answer questions and address issues. All purchases are final. However, if you inadvertently purchased the wrong Font or style of Font, please contact us and we will change your license to apply to the correct Font (subject to your payment of any difference in price between the two Fonts).


ArrowType may provide licensees with free updates as the development of the Fonts progresses. However, ArrowType does not guarantee that any Fonts will be updated, and may discontinue work on Fonts at any time, for any reason. If ArrowType does update any Fonts, it has no obligation to continue to make available for access or download any prior versions of any Fonts.


The License you purchase will continue to govern your use of the Fonts, even if ArrowType updates the licensing available for new font purchases. If you wish to update to the terms of the new licensing, please contact ArrowType.


The Fonts are subject to trademark, service mark, trade dress, copyright, or other intellectual property rights held by ArrowType. No right, title, or interest in any of the Fonts is transferred to you as a result of this License. This agreement only provides you with permission to use the Fonts as set forth in this License.


ArrowType has the right to terminate your license immediately if you fail to comply with any term of this License. In addition, ArrowType has the right to terminate your license upon 30 days’ prior written notice if your Company Size at any point exceeds the number specified in your purchased coverage and you fail to pay the difference in license fees due for the larger Company Size. Upon termination, you must destroy the original and any copies of the Fonts and documentation. You agree to pay ArrowType’s reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in connection with an investigation or action or proceeding arising from your breach of this agreement.


Neither party will be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, or lost profits, that may arise in connection with this License. ArrowType’s liability arising out of this License will not exceed the amount you paid for the Fonts.


You cannot transfer or assign this agreement or any right or obligation you have under it without the prior written consent of ArrowType.


Nothing in this License will be deemed to create any association, partnership, employment, joint venture, or agency relationship between the parties. The parties will not have the right or authority to create any obligations of any kind, make any representation or warranty on behalf of the other party, or to bind the other party in any respect, unless approved in writing by both parties.


This License constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the Fonts and supersedes all prior understanding, whether written or oral. Except as provided in this agreement, no term or condition of this agreement may be amended or deemed waived, except by a writing signed by the parties that refers to this agreement. If any term or part of a term of this agreement is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will remain in effect. This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New York, without regard to conflict of laws principles. Any claim arising out of this agreement, including tort claims, must be resolved in Kings County, New York.


If you have questions about this License or the Fonts, or if you require custom licensing, please contact – cheers!